Support the Axum, Ethiopia Community

Many of you are aware of the humanitarian crisis currently happening in our Sister City Axum, Ethiopia. Denver Sister Cities International’s Axum Committee is doing due dilligence to ensure that all funds will be going directly to serving the people of Ethiopia. DSCI is navigating the complexity of various humanitarian organizations, the need for immideate … [Read more…]

Sister Cities International Youth Art Contest

The deadline for SCI’s Annual Young Artists and Authors Showcase is coming up soon! 2021’s theme is “United in Hope”. All submissions are due by May 1, 2021, 11:59 PM EST.  For decades, Sister Cities International has leveraged the power that art has to transform societies and transcend cultural boundaries through the Young Artists and Authors … [Read more…]

Chinese Restaurants in Denver to Support During Lunar New Year Celebrations and What to Order

Even though we can’t enjoy our typical Lunar New Year together at the Empress – Lunar New Year wouldn’t be the same without our delicious courses! This year – we encourage you to support your locally owned Chinese Restaurant and order take-away to enjoy during our virtual celebration. These restaurants need our support now more … [Read more…]

Denver Sister Cities International is honored to celebrate the inauguration of our new Honorary Chairman, President-elect Joe Biden

We invite all global citizens to join us in commemorating this momentous occasion. Denver Sister Cities International is proudly a member of Sister Cities International. A national organization dedicated to promoting peace between the United States and the world and we are honored to join them in this nonpartisan event. This year’s theme is “All ... [Read more...]

DSCI’s Statement regarding the violence at the US Capitol

January 6, 2021 was a dark day for the United States and democracy. A small group’s actions have shocked our country to its core through violent acts. We condemn these actions at the nation’s Capitol. Denver Sister Cities is committed to peace through citizen diplomacy, not violence. This was an attempt to disenfranchise the citizens of … [Read more…]