2020 Executive Committee

Chair:  Devron McMillin

Vice Chair:  Dallas Erwin

Treasurer:  Fred Kaplan

Secretary:  Jessica Skibo

2020 Board Members At Large

Jim Aubrey
Gina Cook
Margaret Griffes
Heather Howerton
Laura Jackson
Valerie Kerns
Niall O’Connor
Nicole Shoemaker
Vanessa Simsick

2020 City Leadership Advisory Council

Akureyri: Open
Axum: Chuck Kreiman
Brest: Laurette Heppell
Chennai: Purnima Voria
Cuernavaca:  Open
Karmiel: Open
Kunming: Jeanie Johnson and France Addington-Lee
Nairobi:  Joseph Odhiambo
Potenza: Kathy Jackson
Takayama: Gil Asakawa
Ulaanbaatar: Jim Wagenlander

In its history, Denver Sister Cities has been honored to have some of Denver’s most respected and talented individuals serve on the Executive Team, the Board, and City Leadership Advisory Council. We thank them for their time and expertise in growing our organization and furthering our mission.