Akureyri, Iceland

The City of Akureyri’s Coat of Arms

History of Friendship City Relationship

On May 9th, 2012, Denver, Colorado and Akureyri, Iceland announced their new Friendship City relationship. Although Friendship Cities and Sister Cities have different names, they’re actually quite similar. A Friendship City relationship is a formal one and receives the same attention as a Sister City relationship, but it is not considered a permanent relationship. . . yet. The Friendship City relationship often leads to a Sister City one.

Facts At-A-Glance

Pronunciation: ah-kuh-rair-ee
Region: Northern Iceland, at the base of Eyjafjörður Fjord.
Population of Akureyri: 18,191 (2015)
Population of Iceland: 335,878 (2016)
Mayor: Ásthildur Sturludóttir
Spoken Language: Icelandic

Committee Chairs and Contact Information

Committee Chair: OPEN
Phone:  (303) 832-1336
Email:  akureyri@denversistercities.org

Akureyri: Resources

The Official Icelandic Tourism website of Akureyri.