March 19 – Denver City Council recognizes Youth Athlete Ambassadors

Denver and Panama City became official Friendship Cities in June 2017

On March 19,2018 Denver City Council and Denver Sister Cities International were honored to recognize the Rapids Youth Under-17 Team who displayed exceptional ambassadorship when they represented Denver in Panama City in December 2017. These athletes were part of the official first delegation to visit Denver’s newest Friendship City of Panama City, Panama, along with Councilman Albus Brooks, then-Deputy Mayor Happy Haynes, and airport, university, economic development, and Denver Sister Cities representatives. We take these trips to promote Denver to the world and to increase business, educational, and cultural ties; when people know about all that’s happening here in Denver, they want to come here to do business and spend their tourism dollars. And when young athlete-diplomats represent Denver as a place where young men grow into mature, bright, engaging leaders, we’re all better off.

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